DIR/Floortime – The Action is in the Interaction Stage 1


 The Developmental Individual difference, & Relationship Based® model (DIR ®) is an evidence based framework developed by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder to assist clinicians, parents & educators conduct a comprehensive assessment and develop an intervention program tailored to the unique challenges and strengths of the child. This developmental relationship based approach carefully considers the impact of the unique individual neurobiological profile of the child and of caregiver patterns on development across functional domains. Through tailoring interactions, DIR promotes healthy foundations for overall social, emotional, language & intellectual functioning. Therapeutically guided interaction with children in play and learning situations is the means of moving children up the developmental ladder.

This stage one training offers a unique opportunity to experience an integrated approach to the child’s sensory processing capacities, emotional development & developmental language acquisition. Participants will gain an understanding of relationship-based intervention and will learn therapeutic “tools” to guide their practice in the clinic, home and school based settings. They will leave with an introductory knowledge of this model and its relevance to their daily practice with children.

Kathy Walmsley and Mari Caulfield have co presented these trainings together biannually since 2008 in Australia, Ireland and internationally. They bring a wealth of practical experience as well as clinical knowledge and expertise to their teaching style. Mari has worked in Ireland for 38 years as a speech and language pathologist in a variety of clinical and management roles which include Health Authorities, child education centre’s, special schools and autism specific classes. Mari has undertaken extensive training over the years including specific credentials in Montessori, Integrated Psychotherapy, Sensory Integration, PROMPT, and the Hanen approach. She lives and works in County Galway in Ireland in an independent speech and language therapy practice.

Kathy has worked as an Occupational Therapist for 33 years in Australia & abroad, in a variety of settings and occupational therapy roles. She is the founder of Sensory Connections in Perth. Kathy has a special interest in supporting families who have children with complex neurodevelopmental and sensory processing challenges.She has undertaken extensive professional training in the field of early intervention, occupational therapy, infant mental health, and developmental disorders over the years.

Attendance at this course is open to Occupational Therapists , Speech & Language Pathologists and other allied health professionals including Child Psychologists, Social Workers, Educators, Medical Professionals, Child Health Nurses, and others working in the field of child development, early intervention and child care.

Attending this training will enable you to:

  1. Identify the six primary functional emotional developmental levels.
  2. Understand the concept of individual differences in: sensory processing, language functioning, motor planning and sequencing in relation to the DIR model.
  3. Work within a transdisciplinary context with colleagues, having participant and their family at the centre.
  4. Understand how interactive relationships with caregivers can impact mastery of higher levels of functional emotional development.
  5. Formulate a functional assessment and translate the profile of the child into a developmentally based intervention program.
  6. Identify Floortime strategies that can be used within clinics, home or school.
  7. Understand the evidence base for developmental relationship based interventions.
The Action is in the Interaction DIR/Floortime – Stage 1 – 2 Day Course

Monday 7th August and Tuesday 8th August, 2017

9:00-17:00 daily

Venue Pagoda Ballroom, Pagoda Resort, 112 Melville Parade, Como




Early bird before 6/7/17

Member $400.00

Rural/remote member $300.00

Non-members $750.00

Student $200.00

Standard rate after 6/7/17

Member $500.00

Rural/remote member $370.00

Non-members $750.00

Student $250.00

Refreshments Welcome coffee/tea, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided


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