I wish to apply for membership of the WA Occupational Therapy Association Inc and I agree to accept and abide by the ethics and constitution. If you do not agree to having your work details published on the WA Occupational Therapy Association website in 2015 you must advise the Association office.


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Work Setting Hospital Acute Hospital Inpatient Acute Hospital Outpatient/Ambulatory Sub-Acute Hospital Rehab Inpatient Sub-Acute Hospital Outpatient/Ambulatory Community Community Health Service Community Mental Health Day Care Centre Disabilty Services (DCS, SC, MS, PDSS) Domiciliary Care Services Residential/Retirement Living/Accommodation Services Vocational Rehabilitation/Injury Prevention(Non-hospital/Industry)Private Practice Private Practice Rooms Private Practice – Home Based Education Pre-School Education Services School Education Services Tertiary Education Services Community Education Industry Industry/Business Sector Other Other Government (policy, non-clinical) Other None
Client Age 0-17yrs (Child and Adolescent) 18+yrs (Adult) 18-65yrs (Adult of Work Age) 65+yrs (Older Adults) All Ages Not Applicable (no clients)
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Rooms Nursing Home Visits
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Registered for Medicare APSP (Approved Autism Panel Service Provider
Better Access to Mental Health ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) HICAPS/eclaiming
PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs)
FPS (Focused Psychological Strategies)

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Workers Compensation Privately Insured
Motor Vehicle Accident

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Babies Older Adults
Children All
Adolescents N/A

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OT Registration Board No
Original date of registration
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Area of expertise (Please select up to 5 areas)
Key Expertise Key Expertise
AC Access LY Lymphoedema Management
AG Aged Care MA Manutention
AL Alzheimers MG Management
AM Acute Medicine MH Mental Health
AMPS Assessment of Motor & Process Skills ML Medico-Legal
AP Acute Psychiatry NE Neurosciences
AT ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) NU Neurology
BU Burns OH Occupational Health & Safety
CA Cardiac ON Oncology
CD Community Development OP Orthopaedics
CE Cerebrovascular PA Palliative Care
CO Counselling PC Primary Care
CP Cerebral Palsy PE Paediatric
CS Child Psychiatry PG Psychogeriatrics
DD Developmental Delay PH Public Health
DI Disability PM Pain Management
DP Disability Physical PR Psychosocial Rehabilitation
DR Driving Assesment and Rehabilitation PS Psychiatric Rehabilitation
ED Education PW Project Work
ER Ergonomics PY Psychiatry
ET Ethics RE Physical Rehabilitation
EQ Equipment RH Research
GE Gerontology RU Rheumatology
GM General Medicine RP Rural Practice
GS General Surgical SE Seating
HA Hand and Upper Limb SI Sensory Integration
HD Head Injuries SM Stress Management
HM Home Modifications SP Splinting
HP Health Promotion ST Soft Tissue Therapy
HV Home Assessment/Visiting VI Visual Impairment
IM Injury Management Prevention VO Volunteers
LD Learning Disability VR Vocational Rehabilitation
Current Interest Group Membership

I certify that all information furnished in this document is true and accurate in every respect.

I certify that I have not been refused membership of any Occupational Therapy Association, nor registration, in Australia or overseas.

I agree to abide by the WA Occupational Therapy Association (formerly OT AUSTRALIA WA) Memorandum & Articles of Association and OT AUSTRALIA Code of Ethics.

Privacy Statement

The WA Occupational Therapy Association is committed to supporting the National Privacy Principles. We will only collect and store information about you that is necessary. The information you provide may be used to offer, provide and improve our services to you and may also be disclosed to other parties such as organisations contracted to operate and maintain the WA Occupational Therapy Association databases and distribute WA Occupation Therapy Association information.

We will not otherwise, without your consent, use or disclose the information you provide for any other purposes unless it would reasonably be expected that such a purpose is related to the offer, provision and improvement of the WA Occupational Therapy Association services and benefits to you or where such purpose is permitted or required by law.

You are entitled to request reasonable access to the information we hold about you.