Lower Back Pain – Advanced soft tissue course

This full day course has been compiled and will be presented by Jessica Press and Brent Zani, occupational therapists who have been working in injury and pain management, applying soft tissue treatment techniques along with a broad range of occupational therapy interventions for over 20 years. In an aim to provide a high level of comprehensive training within the soft tissue sector of injury and pain management this course is appropriate for any occupational therapist working in or who have worked in soft tissue. It will also be available to those who have completed WAOTA’s soft tissue basics course or WAOTA’s anatomy review course.

By the end of this course the attendee’s will have knowledge of:

  • A comprehensive understanding of common lower back pathologies and how they impact a person’s occupational performance.
  • How to utilise postural and orthopaedic assessments in a clinical setting to recognise common lower back pathologies.
  • Apply advanced soft tissue treatment techniques in appropriate situations to treat lower back pain.
  • Make clinical recommendations for rehabilitation of lower back pain which have been considered using evidence based data.

The course will provide theoretical and practical elements allowing the attendee’s to feel confident performing assessments to help recognise lower back diagnosis as well as being able to provide soft tissue treatment techniques. For occupational therapists already employing soft tissue techniques this course aims to enhance and develop diagnostic, treatment and evaluation skills and facilitate lasting functional outcomes for their clients.

Lower Back Pain – Advanced – Soft Tissue Course

Friday 13th July

8:30 – 17:00

Venue Pagoda Ballroom, Pagoda Resort, 112 Melville Parade, Como





Early bird before 13/5/18

Member $200

Rural/ remote $150

Non-members $375

Student $100

Standard rate after 13/5/18

Member $250

Rural/ remote $175

Non-members $375

Student $200

Refreshments Welcome coffee/tea, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided

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