Occupational Therapy Board of Australia

The Occupational Therapy Board of Australia requires all registered Occupational Therapists to undertake continuing professional development as part of their registration. Information regarding these requirements can be found here:


The WA Occupational Therapy Association expects its members to:

  • Engage in CPD activities to maintain standards of excellence in Occupational Therapy practice
  • Engage in evidence-based CPD and programmes
  • Ensure awareness of and compliance with regulatory requirements for learning and professional development
  • Develop formal or informal networks to encourage integration of learning and evidence-based knowledge into practice
  • Create a personal portfolio which records reflective learning and CPD activity, and serves as a record for audit purposes.

WA Occupational Therapy Association’s Initiatives

In order to promote continuing professional education in occupational therapy in WA, the WA Occupational Therapy Association will:

  • Provide CPD opportunities via workshops and courses
  • Support and encourage the continuance and development of Affiliated Interest Groups
  • Create a database to assist members to record their CPD activities
  • Take opportunities to provide CPD events in partnership with other organisations

Procedure/ Implementation

WA Occupational Therapy Association’s framework for CPD will allow for:

  • adequate goal setting and recording of personal professional goals
  • continuous and accurate recording of professional development activities which provides a written profile containing evidence of participation evaluation and recording of progress toward achievement of goals
  • a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice assurance that CPD has contributed to the quality of OT Practice and service delivery and a change in Professional behaviour/practice through reflective practice (see below)

Participation in WA Occupational Therapy Association’s CPD log:

  • Will be provided free of charge to all WA Occupational Therapy Association members as a member service and benefit, but is not compulsory or determined to be the only CPD avenue available to WA Occupational Therapy Association members [Link to Members’ Only page for CPD log]
  • Will NOT be available to WA Occupational Therapy Association non-members
  • Will have a 1 year cycle of participation from 1st December to 30th November in keeping with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia’s current auditing process cycle
  • Will be based on a system of hours of participation with limits to the number of hours allowed in several categories in order to encourage diversity of professional development
  • Will make record keeping and proof of attendance records mandatory and the responsibility of the individual