Dear Members,

April has been a month of review. Due to members attendance at the Annual General Meeting, we had the numbers for a quorum, members were able to vote on and pass the 2017 AGM meeting minutes, 2017’s President’s and Treasury reports, and the revised WAOTA Constitution. During the past year, the Association has concentrated on professional development opportunities for members (which has continued to expand), networking, marketing, submissions and contact with various instrumentalities. In 2017, financially, we made a profit, continued to support OT students of Curtin and ECU, and provided ongoing services and financial support to our Special Interest Groups and for professional development.

At the AGM, members also voted in a couple of changes to the WAOTA Committee of Management (COM). Danae Van Asselt retired as Vice President after 18 months and will happily continue her association with WAOTA within the Marketing Portfolio. Vera Riley has decided to retire from the WAOTA Newsletter committee,  after many years as the Editor of this newsletter. We wish to thank them both whole heartedly for their dedication, enthusiasm and tireless work on your Association’s behalf. We welcome Tanya Lyttle as the new Vice President, and thank all the Committee of Management (COM) members for their valuable contribution and for continuing in their roles.  Over 2017, all COM members are to be congratulated on the quality and extent of their input. They have been an enthusiastic, competent and cheerful management team of volunteers working within a sometimes  chaotic and difficult health arena. We also thank Lorna Celenza (Administration Officer), Kim Vercoe (Finance Officer), Carolyn Earle (PD Co-ordinator), Greg Ledger (Auditor) and Mervyn Rothstein (Solicitor) for their valuable contribution.

At the AGM we had a discussion on how WAOTA can support those returning to practice. Returners are motivated to learn, keen to get back into the workplace, and are a source of experience. Presently contacting the Association for sign posting and to become a WAOTA member, reading the newsletter, and visiting the recently revamped WAOTA website are good starting points. WAOTA aims to add a section on the website dedicated to returning to work.  We will be sending out a survey asking those who would be willing to supervise those who require a period of supervised practice as part of their AHPRA registration requirements. We will also be in discussion with the universities, AHPRA and the Board of OT on how, collectively,  we can assist those returning to practice.

WAOTA is in the process of reviewing the Interest and Rural/Remote Group Affiliation Rules and Guidelines. We are proud of our Interest Groups. They offer our members a scope of personal development and opportunities for networking at a very economical price. The groups are volunteer led by dedicated member individuals or member groups. If you are,  or know someone, interested in sharing expertise, or an area of interest that would benefit our members by presenting at one of the Interest Groups, please approach the coordinators or email to link you to the relevant coordinator/s.

We look forward to new members joining our Association, so please continue to encourage your colleagues and students to join WAOTA to enjoy the array of benefits open to it’s members. Prospective members can email their registration forms to Lorna on We are excited to have had the revamped website go live this month, however there have been some glitches identified. We are working hard to rectify the glitches and thank you for your patience. Please contact the WAOTA office if you experience difficulties with the website.

Many thanks