The WAOTA is always a hive of activity, with many opportunities for volunteers to contribute! We are always happy to welcome new volunteers to assist WAOTA with a range of activities, with a variety of time commitments to suit everyone.

  • Nominate for a position on the Committee of Management [link to COM nomination form]

The COM meets once per month for three hours to plan events, discuss issues affecting OTs, write submissions and create plans for future actions and activities. Each COM member has a portfolio, or area of responsibility and has the opportunity to make real change in the OT world.

  • Join a subcommittee or working party[

We are always looking for volunteers for our teams in Marketing, Research & Development and the Newsletter committee. Whether you’re looking for a longer term commitment as part of a committee or would like to help out with specific events, like the OT Week Breakfast, there is always a role to suit anyone who would like to help out!

There are many different Special Interest Groups affiliated with WAOTA, covering almost every specialty area of Occupational Therapy. Contact the convenor of the group that interests you and offer to fill a position (secretary, treasurer etc), present a topic or workshop, or attend the meetings and meet new colleagues who work in your field.