University Studies

Occupational Therapists are required to have completed approved training in order to register and practice in Western Australia. Currently the required training includes a minimum of a four-year Bachelor Degree at university; although Occupational Therapists who trained many years ago or trained overseas may also register and practice if their training is recognised and approved by the Registration Board (please refer to National Registration for more information). Some universities also offer a two year postgraduate Occupational Therapy degree.

Occupational Therapy training varies in focus at different universities. There are many Occupational Therapy Schools in universities across Australia, not including international schools and training facilities. The contact information for some of these universities is listed on the Links Page of this website.

As there are various methods of entering into university studies, not only through year twelve university entrance exams (TEE/TER or other equivalent exams), we would advise you contact Admissions or Administration Office at the university you wish to attend for specific entry requirements. It is often suggested that students have a background in sciences such as biology or chemistry. This is not essential, but will prove helpful during Occupational Therapy training.

For current Occupational Therapy course information from Western Australian universities, please contact:

Curtin University of Technology School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work

Edith Cowan University (Joondalup Campus) School of Exercise, Biomedical and Health Sciences

TAFE or Other Studies

Unfortunately at present there are no bridging courses (such as an Apprenticeship, Traineeships or TAFE) by which to enter Occupational Therapy studies at university, although at this point the options through TAFE are being considered.

Related qualifications offered through TAFE include a Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance (this is not specific to Occupational Therapy), with a Certificate IV qualification with specific studies in Occupational Therapy Assistance being considered for the future (this is offered in some other states). An Allied Health Assistant or Therapy Assistant qualification enables a person to work under the guidance of an Occupational Therapist; typically in areas such as Aged Care, Mental Health and Physical Rehabilitation. Unfortunately, at present there is little scope for independent work or promotion in this field.