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Notes on Information Event Re National Registration for OTs 2012 April 2012

An approved template to use for the documentation of your CPD as mentioned in the above article is also available for the WA Occupational Therapy Association (formerly OT AUSTRALIA WA) members in the members only section. Click here for WA Occupational Therapy Association’s CPD information on this website.


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Occupational Therapy Board of Australia

At its first meeting for 2012, the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia (the Board) discussed a wide range of matters that will impact on the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme).

Update on registration standards

The Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council has approved the Board’s registration standards. These are now available on the Board’s website, along with some Frequently Asked Questions which provide an overview of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme; registering with the National Board; registration standards and student registration at www.occupationaltherapyboard.gov.au

Registration Fees

 The Board has set the fees for general registration for application and renewal. The Board has also confirmed the fees for the other registration categories (i.e. non-practising, limited and provisional). These fee levels have been communicated to Ministers and will be published to the website. OTs in QLD, WA, SA and NT do not need to apply for registration, or pay an application fee to the National Board, as they are currently regulated by their state or territory board and will transition into the National Scheme.   For those practitioners who are currently registered (SA, WA, NT, QLD) the Board strongly encourages all registrants whose renewal of registration falls due in June 2012, to renew with their current board well before the end of June to facilitate their transition in to the national scheme. Information sessions for practitioners in these jurisdictions will begin shortly.

Update on codes and guidelines

Feedback submitted to the Board’s consultation on its draft code of conduct for registered health practitioners, the guideline for advertising, and the guideline for mandatory notifications was considered by the Board. The code and guidelines will be published on the Board’s website.

Supervision guidelines

The Board is developing guidelines for supervised practice including a supervised practice plan. Public consultation will be undertaken before these guidelines are finalised. Details will be placed on the Board’s website.

General matters

The Board’s website has received an increase in traffic over the past three months indicating that there is a high demand for accurate information. Further information on the work of the Board can be found at www.occupationaltherapyboard.gov.au.

Chairperson: Dr Mary Russell
WA Practitioner Member: Julie Brayshaw
April 2012

Further Information

Further information about the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme) is available via the National Board’s website: www.occupationaltherapyboard.gov.au   For any questions on the National Scheme, please call AHPRA on 1300 419 495 or log an enquiry via AHPRA’s website www.ahpra.gov.au  Customer Service Team members can assist with your query directly.