Sunday 21 October through to Saturday 27 October 2018

Promoting your profession

OT Week is the ideal opportunity to increase awareness of occupational therapy by sharing the celebration of your profession with key groups such as:

  • The public – awareness of the benefits of OT will assist with accessing services
  • Schools – promoting awareness of OT can increase interest in OT as a career choice
  • Politicians – helping to inform health policy makers
  • Health Providers- helping to inform where funds and services are needed

Some ideas for spreading the messages are:

  • Display Boards: a chance to show occupational therapy in action with pictures, case studies, publications, handouts and visual displays of workplace scenarios.
  • Organising a stall: Show and discuss occupational therapy with promotional giveaways, pamphlets, balloons and interaction with those approaching your stall.
  • Be a guest speaker: Organise to present  at a local community club, service group, school and connect with existing local events. Occupational therapy covers a diverse area so tapping into a health related theme won’t be a challenge.

Some possible venues to spread the message are in your workplace, your organisation’ newsletter, local shopping area, community group, child’s school, local library or health centre, sporting clubs and other health related organisations. All it takes is enthusiasm and some organisation.

OT Week Breakfast