Presented by – Lisa Scott

We are delighted to have secured again Lisa Scott from Melbourne to present this exciting course after their successful “Tools for Schools” and “Dyspraxia” courses over the past years. Lisa is an Occupational Therapist with nearly 30 years experience.

Students with learning difficulties, developmental coordination disorder/dyspraxia, and/or sensory processing skill issues, will often experience difficulty succeeding in their learning environment/school. Research evidence supports the effectiveness of providing occupational therapy in ecological or natural settings.

Dyspraxia is a neurological (brain) disorder in which messages from the brain to the muscles are disrupted. It can affect many different functions such as writing, dressing, speaking, eating or skipping. Dyspraxia is usually referred to as a motor planning and execution disorder.

Dyspraxia can develop through damage to the brain from an accident, stroke or illness. Dyspraxia may also develop in young children when there is no brain injury or no obvious cause.

Children with oral dyspraxia usually have no problems with automatic oral movements such as licking an ice cream, but they have great difficulty with doing oral movements on demand, for example, poking out their tongue when you ask them to.

Verbal dyspraxia is also a neurological disorder and affects the production of speech. There is no actual damage to the nerves or muscles used in speech, but the child cannot voluntarily coordinate their muscles to produce the right speech sounds or words. Verbal dyspraxia can develop after an injury to the brain.

Lisa will present a two day workshop that explores the current thinking about what is dyspraxia and how it impacts on Children’s abilities to participate in their daily occupations. Current literature about assessment and intervention approaches will be presented in this practical workshop.

About the Presenter

Lisa Scott BApp.Sci (Occ Ther)

Lisa completed her undergraduate training at La Trobe University in 1989. Her work has taken her to many, many pre-schools and schools on 3 continents over the past 29 years. She currently spends 2 out of 6 days in her private practice working in school settings. Lisa has completed study related to working in schools, with Mary Benbow in Boston, Rhoda Erhardt in Pennsylvania, at the Ayres clinic in California and of course in Australia! She is SIPT- certified and has also completed NDT certification. Lisa enjoys using the best treatment approaches for each child she sees, based on the issues they present with.

Dyspraxia Workshop
Date Friday May 18th and Saturday May 19th, 2018
9:00 – 17:00
Venue Pagoda Ballroom, Pagoda Resort, 112 Melville Parade, Como


Early bird before 18/4/18
Member $400
Rural/ remote $300
Non-members $750
Student $200

Standard rate after 18/4/18
Member $500
Rural/ remote $350
Non-members $750
Student $250

Welcome coffee /tea, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided both days.
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