How to turn research into practice

We are delighted to have secured Dr Leanne Sakzewski to present 2 outstanding courses in October.

About the Presenter :-

Dr Sakzewski is an occupational therapist with 30 years clinical and research experience working with children with congenital and acquired disabilities and their families. She conducted a large randomised controlled trial investigating the efficacy of constraint induced movement therapy and bimanual occupational therapy for children with cerebral palsy as part of her PhD. She has since conducted a number of trials of rehabilitation interventions for infants, children and adolescents with cerebral palsy and acquired brain injuries. She held a NHMRC TRIP (Translating Research into Practice) Fellowship between 2012 and 2014 investigating ways of increasing the uptake of evidence into practice by occupational therapists for cerebral palsy upper limb interventions. Prior to commencing her PhD in 2006, Dr Sakzewski worked clinically as a senior occupational therapist at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane and Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth working primarily in paediatric rehabilitation.

About the course :-

Adopting research evidence into routine clinical practice takes an unpredictable and often long period of time, requiring theoretically informed implementation strategies to drive change in the workplace.

Throughout the workshop, participants will work through a systematic process based on the Implementation of Change Model to determine practical ways to progress change in their workplace and adoption of research evidence into routine clinical practice.

This will include consideration of :-

How the research evidence could be adapted for the local context,

  • Understanding existing care practice and how much it differs from the evidence,
  • Practical ways of collecting data to map current practice against evidence criteria;
  • Understanding barriers and enablers to change (individual, team/unit, organisational);
  • Understanding the readiness for change in the workplace
  • Select and develop improvement strategies
  • Integration of change into care practice routines for sustainability.

Participants will :-

  • Learn methods for translating evidence into practice
  • Learn methods of evaluating clinical performance against specific evidence criteria both before and after implementing changes in clinical practice;
  • Understand methods of identifying potential barriers and enablers to implementing changes in clinical practice;
  • Develop knowledge about possible implementation strategies and identify and develop their own strategies to enable change to be integrated into routine clinical practice.

This course is suitable for Occupational Therapists and all Allied Health Professionals.

How to turn research into practice


Date Sunday 28th October, 2018

08:30 – 16:30

Venue Pagoda Conference Room, Pagoda Resort, 112 Melville Parade, Como




Early bird before 28/9/18

Member $200.00

Rural/remote member $150.00

Non-members $375.00

Student $100.00

Standard rate after 28/9/18

Member $250.00

Rural/remote member $187.50

Non-members $375.00

Student $120.00

Refreshments Welcome coffee /tea, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided.

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